A Year of Making it All Real

Are you a high school senior who:

  • Isn't feeling fully prepared for the rigors of college?
  • Isn’t happy with your list of college acceptances?
  • Would like one more year of strong academic work to show universities? 
  • Would like one more year of athletic growth to show universities?
  • Lives outside the U.S. and would like one more year to work on your English language skills?
Worcester Academy is prepared to give you a year that truly counts – one that pushes you closer to your goal.

With a longstanding tradition of offering a postgraduate year, the Academy enjoys a well-deserved reputation for enabling our postgrad students to fully unlock their potential. As a 5- or 7-day boarder, you’ll benefit immensely from a year of living in a structured residential environment before transitioning to the many freedoms found in college. You’ll also:

  • Receive the same high quality education and co-curricular opportunities as all other Academy students.
  • Pursue a traditional academic program from our Grade 12 curriculum, but it will be designed to supplement and complement the courses you took through high school.
  • Participate in all aspects of our rich Residential Life Program and have the same responsibilities and privileges as any other member of the student body.
It’s a year of focus that will bring your passions front-and-center and give you the tools to succeed in college. You’ll find yourself better prepared for the challenges ahead with many more options for a bright future.
While hockey was the driving force behind my decision to pursue a PG year, it was definitely not the only reason. I knew I would benefit from another year in secondary school to help me grow academically, socially, and athletically. Worcester Academy was the perfect spot to help me expand on the strong foundation that I built and continue to mature as a student, an athlete, and an overall person.

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