Hello and Welcome!

We’re so happy you’re interested in Worcester Academy and can’t wait to help you get to know us. Please complete an inquiry to begin your journey. 
We’ve been here on the Hilltop for over 180 years. In all that time, we’ve learned how to remain a nimble institution with the ability to adapt and change. We also learned what it takes to deliver a truly transformative educational experience to our students. Here’s how we do it:

Through Stellar Academics

Hilltoppers all excel academically, but it’s a strong work ethic and a sense of purpose that sustain that excellence through college and beyond. At Worcester Academy, we build these two attributes into each of our students by living the words of our motto, Achieve the Honorable. Our outstanding faculty blend challenging and relevant coursework with the guidance and care necessary to turn the questioning of youth into solid answers and meaningful direction.

Through Broadened Horizons

Your friends at WA will come from around Massachusetts, from across the United States, and from more than 20 other countries dotting the globe. Cultural competency isn’t just a catchphrase on the Hilltop. It’s the logical end-result when you operate in a truly diverse environment. But we don’t stop there! Located in the heart of Worcester and within an hour of Boston, our urban location brings you closer to all the advantages – museums, theaters, universities, etc. – that New England’s second largest city has to offer. WA provides learning opportunities that stretch beyond the classroom and reach wholeheartedly into the real world. You’ll never be bored!

Through Inspiring Opportunities

80+ club choices... 50+ competitive athletic teams... over 15,000 community service hours logged annually by our students... over 250 student leadership roles. If you can’t find a passion – or expand your existing passion here on the Hilltop – we want to know. We’ll help you begin something new!

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  • Middle School (Grades 6-8)

    How do we expand the horizons of our middlers while continuing to nurture them in a safe environment? We begin with a talented faculty, all completely devoted to mentoring students in those life-expanding middle school years. We add a nurturing curriculum that combines meaningful academics with experiential learning. We throw in a full slate of Athletic, Arts, and Club Opportunities. It’s everything our students need to successfully grow into the demands of high school. 

  • Upper School Day

    We’re a local school with an international reputation and our diverse population will demand a lot from you, both intellectually and personally. Learning at WA takes place in the classroom, across the campus, and out in the larger world beyond. Helping to make that happen is our dedicated and supportive faculty who’ll help you to push your limits, discover your passions, and nurture your creative spirit. At Worcester Academy, you’ll find the structure, the flexibility, and the support to do it all. Expect your days to be full!

  • Boarding

    Worcester Academy is an intentionally diverse and vibrant learning community and, as a boarding student, you’ll have the time and space to immerse yourself in an experience that will truly change your life. You’ll learn to balance your studies with a full compliment of co-curricular activities, creating life-long friendships with your fellow students and advisors along the way. It will be greater than you ever imagined and it will transform you.

  • Post Graduate

    College success. This is our goal for you. Worcester Academy customizes an academic schedule for you based on your high school transcript and your college goals. Our curriculum offers you AP college credit courses, college prep-level courses, and semester electives in the arts and humanities to round out your course load. We know it’s a courageous decision to take a year to improve your options. We’ll make sure your post-grad year counts.